AROCEP Germicidal Ultra Bleach - 6(6/1 Gal.)

AROCEP Germicidal Ultra
Bleach - 6(6/1 Gal.)

Product #: 95277

Volume: 1.46
Weight: 60


Bleach has the following use:

  • Sanitizer for hard food contact surfaces
  • Sanitizer for use in washing dishes, glassware and silver. Also recommended for disinfecting hospital, bakery, dairy and bottling equipment.
  • Disinfectant for hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Deodorizes, brightens, whitens, stain remover
  • A Chlorinated Multi-Purpose Disinfectant
  • Recommended for use in public eating and drinking places
  • Commercial/Institutional use
  • EPA Registered

Additional Information:

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